"I highly recommend the DVRT System and program to everyone I meet! The DVRT system has had a profound impact not just on my personal fitness but on my professional business as well! As a business owner the DVRT system is about finding solutions and identifying strategies to get my clients the results that they want. Whether it's increased performance and fitness, or strength and fat-loss, DVRT helps identify solutions to get them to their goals."


-James Newman, Owner of Quest Fitness, Guilford, CT

"Thank you Josh Henkin for this awesome system DVRT!!! I'm a new man!! Walked into FIT4U Cheshire with upper/lower back pain and left with an Ultimate Sandbag and so much knowledge!!! No more backpain!!! Completely gone!!! You changed my and many other lives!!!! B-O-O-M!!


-Dave Garceau

"I am not a trainer, but a "fitness enthusiast" who decided to take a chance. I have been training for the sandbag for a few years now (both at a gym and home) and have developed quite an interest after seeing the changes in my body, strength, fitness level, etc. All of my expectations for the day were blown away. The instruction was flawless, the delivery was so effective and the environment was one of motivation, support and encouragement."


-Anrdre Modul

Why Should YOU Use DVRT?